We undertake all the necessary actions for the preparation of your property and its posting on Short Term Lease Platforms (Airbnb, Booking, Vbro…).

In detail we deliver:

Photo shooting

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Photographs are the most important presentation tool. We provide professional photographs that highlight the best your property.

An honest photographic portfolio that will attract the eye of potential visitors



Home guide

The manual of your property.

From how the water heater is turned on, to where the consumables are stored, it is important for your guests to know everything about the space where they will be staying.

This guide contains such information, as well as, the rules you want to set (smoking or not smoking, pets, parties, extra guests….)..


Area guide

A welcoming bonus.

It will help your guests to enjoy their stay in the area. A beautiful beach, a restaurant with great view and cuisine, a local shop with handicrafts, a place where children can have fun and many other little secrets of the area will enhance the good mood and satisfaction of your tenants.


Competitive price analysis

We study competition.

Based on the characteristics of your property (number of beds, infrastructure, facilities…), the area you are in, the competition and the time period of a booking, we are able to propose a competitive pricing approach. Our goal is to maximize bookings insuring for you the best revenue.


Registration on web platforms

Detailed recording.

Using specific language and attractive photos we compose a unique dynamic profile of your property. Always in consultation with you, we post it on the Airbnb platform and shortly after, on more.